left cap iLocker Frequently Asked Questions

Q: I've read all of the Q&A's below but I still need help. What do I do?

A: This FAQ is admittedly of a more technical nature. The Helpdesk has a more extensive set of help pages with information about specific clients and illustrated walk-through tutorials. Or you can contact them at 285-1517 by phone or helpdesk@bsu.edu by email.

Q: How can I connect to my iLocker storage area?

A: You can access your iLocker site with any client that supports one of the following protocols: FTP, HTTP (read-only), WebDAV, CIFS (Windows file share), or SMB (Mac file share). (Note: CIFS/SMB is not available outside of the BSU Network Firewall.) Certain labs on campus may also automatically map the "W:" drive to your iLocker site for you when you log on. For Windows clients, UCS recommends the iLocker Premium Access Tool. For Mac clients, UCS recomments the use of Fetch. The Helpdesk documents have some further suggestions for specific supported clients and walk-through tutorials.

Q: What are the BSU_SHARED and WORLD_SHARED folders in my iLocker site?

A: These special folders allow you to share selected files with other users. Files placed under the BSU_SHARED folder can be read by anyone with a BSU Computer Username. Files placed under the WORLD_SHARED folder can be read by anyone on the internet. In either case, users besides yourself will have read-only access to those areas; they cannot make changes or add files to your iLocker site. Users wanting to browse your shared folders should use a web browser (such as Internet Explorer) and enter either https://ilocker.bsu.edu/users/yourusername/world_shared/ or https://ilocker.bsu.edu/users/yourusername/bsu_shared/ in the address bar.  (Replace "yourusername" with your BSU Computer Username.)

Q: I can't do anything with a file I put in my site... what's the deal?

A: Most likely you've created a file with an illegal file name. This is most common with Mac's. Make sure you use file names that don't contain any of the following characters: / \ * ? " : | < >  A file name with a leading and/or trailing space or period is also illegal. Certain Unicode characters also cannot be used. If you are uncertain, stick with file names that contain only letters and numbers followed by a single period followed by a short extension of letters or numbers. Periodically we will be doing sweeps to find illegal file names and will rename them to so that you can access their contents. The offending characters will be replaced with an underscore ("_").