Office: North Quad 108E
Phone: 285-1715

Education and Training:

BA in psychology, 1972, Oberlin College
PhD in psychology, 1978, Indiana University

Clinical Psychology internship, 1977-78, University of Colorado Health Science Center


How would you describe your philosophy of teaching?

I take a somewhat "hands on" approach. I want the students to learn how to learn. My students must engage in active involvement with the material, rather than rote memorization. In short, I want to teach students to be able to think about matters in the same manner a psychologist would.

What would you like students to know about you as a teacher?

I try to strike a good balance between the formal classroom environment and a more informal one-on-one office atmosphere. I realize that the classroom structure may intimidate some students and make it difficult for them to feel comfortable asking questions. I encourage students not to be afraid to approach me during office hours with questions.

Why would you recommend psychology as an area of study?

Psychology successfully blends societal needs with rigorous research skills. In addition, I feel as the job market continues to include more and more automated fields, the ability to be effective with people will become even more important. Psychology is a good preparation for dealing with people in the situations where computers cannot.

2010 General Psychology (PSYSC100) syllabus:

2009 Community Mental Health (PSYSC 438) syllabus:

2011 History and Systems (PSYSC 491) syllabus:

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What research are you currently working on?

* supported employment services for people with serious mental illness

* victimization of people with serious mental illness in the community

* support groups for people with serious mental illness and their families

Service and Outreach

What significant service positions do you hold?

  • Program evaluator, Supported Employment Consultation and Training Center, Center for Mental Health, Anderson, IN.
  • Core faculty, Indiana Consortium for Mental Health Services Research

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